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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Castellano -- Season 2, Episode 16


Season 2, Episode 16

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DW: Welcome to "Cosmic Disclosure." I'm your host, David Wilcock, and I'm here with Corey Goode. We are now getting into some of the most recent updates, having built the foundation of a discussion about the immense problem faced by the entire space program and all the different intelligent civilizations working with them from artificial intelligence, or AI. This was a necessary foundation for us to build before we get into the updates that have come to us from the Alliance through Lieutenant Colonel Gonzales, which is the pseudonym that we're using for his own protection. So now here with more about Gonzales and the updates from the Alliance is Corey Goode. Corey, welcome to the show.

CG: Thank you.

DW: This is AI problem that we've been speaking about has affected the space program so dramatically that you said no one can go to these Super Federation conferences without being scanned for AI. Is that correct?

CG: You can't even go to the Lunar Operation Command. You can't interfere with any technology unless you've been scanned and cleared.

DW: If the signal is out there trying to do its magic, then can't it, infect, in any way that it wants? What does it need to be in a person? How does that affect the way that it works?
CG: Well, the person is used as a Trojan horse to get past the basically shielding defenses that keep it out.

DW: I see. So there's a force field that will block the AI but if it can be stored inside a person, such as through nanites, then they can actually defeat that shield.

CG: Correct.

DW: OK. Now you said something extremely provocative in the last episode that I'd like to get back to, and that is tell us again the story about these Draco. How did they find the Draco bodies that had AI in them? How did that happen?

CG: Well, to get there I really need to start at the beginning. When I was at Gaiam the last time for a week, shooting the first episodes, in my absence Lieutenant Colonel Gonzales was tasked to attend two major meetings in my absence. One of them was with a group that I had honestly refused to go and visit again, and this was the Draco Alliance Federation. 

I had had a very, very horrible encounter with one of what is described as a White Draco Royal, which is a reptilian being that is 14 feet tall, has a vestigial tail, vestigial wings, and is extremely, extremely powerful. I have interfaced, which is what we call, as we've said before, communicating telepathically with nonhumans.

I had interfaced with a number of beings and had never had such an invasive communication experience that I did with this one.

DW: Now, why would these loving sphere beings that wanted you to be their delegate, why would they ask you to have to go in there and have a meeting with what would be the biological equivalent of the devil?

CG: It's part of the job.

Translator: Andélei

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