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Friday, October 2, 2015

English -- SKYPE INTERVIEW WITH COREY GOODE Gaiam TV September 25, 2015



September 25, 2015

We’ve had such a tremendous response to our new original program, Cosmic Disclosure, that we’ve been getting questions from viewers right and left. They want to hear from Corey Goode, who spent 20 years in the Secret Space Program. You asked, Corey answered. Here’s the transcript from our live interview with Corey, plus the video.


JAY WEIDNER: Hey everybody. Jay Weidner here. I'm with Corey Goode. Corey is an intuitive empath, and he spent 20 years in the Secret Space Program. He was recruited by MILAB, which is military abduction, at the age of six. He was taken into the program and age regressed and then brought back to his previous age. And we're here to answer questions that viewers have submitted to GaiamTV, Corey. And just really glad to have you on board to answer these questions. How are you doing?

COREY GOODE: Doing well. Thank you. Looking forward to it.

JAY WEIDNER: Yeah. So I'm going to start here on the first question. It's coming from Wendy, and I'm going to quote her. Quote, "I have always been an empath intuitive since I was born. I saw a UFO when I was six with my parents. So how come they didn't take me? You mentioned a test they gave you in high school. Do they just give those tests to people in Texas?"

And I gotta tell you, Wendy, you're lucky you didn't get taken. Corey, what's your answer?

COREY GOODE: First of all, I would probably count my blessings that you were not taken and also identified through the school system as an intuitive empath and brought into these different programs. And to the second part of your question, these standardized tests were implemented all throughout the West, and all the United States, through Europe, Australia. It was widespread.

And these tests-- they were standardized tests, but they were also set up in a tricky way to identify anomalies, such as intuitive empaths and other different abilities that people might have.

JAY WEIDNER: Yeah. They do that in the military too, so it's not really a novel thing, these tests. I've heard about them for years.

COREY GOODE: Right. I was given the ASVAB test at a very early age.

JAY WEIDNER: Yeah, that's the key-- is to find out who you are at a very early age. I agree.


JAY WEIDNER: OK. Michelle in California. She says "Corey, you may have addressed this, but how did your family and parents react with you leaving for 20 years? Were you one of those kids that was reported on the milk boxes as missing?"

COREY GOODE: I was not a milk carton kid. And I get this question a lot. And what happened is that this 20-- if this is what was called the 20 and Back Program. You were taken away for 20 years, you served for 20 years-- sometimes more-- and then you were age regressed and brought back within a certain amount of minutes from the time you left. So you would not have been reported missing. Your parents would not have noticed you missing. So that should fully answer the question.

My parents would-- unless they happened to come in at that time and check the room and see I was not in the room and then panic and then come back six minutes later and then find me in my room-- then that's the only way anything odd would have popped up during that time.

JAY WEIDNER: Were there others like you that were taken?

COREY GOODE: Absolutely. There are many, many, many thousands of people that were drafted into that Super Space program through the MILAB programs. And there are many, many, many thousands of people that think they served their normal service in the military when they actually were asked if they would participate in a special program. They said yes, and then they were pulled into the Secret Space Program. At the end of that tenure, they were then age regressed, blank slated, or mind-wiped, and then put back into their regular duties in the military and continued their life with basically no memory, other than having strange dreams and that kind of thing.

JAY WEIDNER: One of the biggest questions that we get from viewers is about age regression. They want to know what is age regression? What did they do to you?

COREY GOODE: Well, when it was done, they had to keep the body completely immobile during the process. And I was put basically under anesthesia and put in restraints. And they put kind of like literally cardboard boxes up around my body. And I was in a state of anesthesia, or some sort of way induced state of coma, to where I was totally immobile. I could not move. And as I've said before, they said that the process takes approximately two weeks.

So I was not conscious during that process. So I do not know the moment-by-moment process of how it worked. And I never witnessed it done on other people.

JAY WEIDNER: And then what? You woke up and you were 20 years younger?


JAY WEIDNER: Did you feel 20 years younger?

COREY GOODE: Well, yeah. Yeah. I mean, it was-- yeah. You were back exactly to the point you were when you began.

JAY WEIDNER: So you were taken and put right back into that.

COREY GOODE: And-- yeah. Any scars you would have had, any tattoos you would have had were gone.

JAY WEIDNER: Yeah. It was one of our other questions. Coco in Nebraska wanted to know if, you know, what happens when you got back. Did you remember things? Are a lot of people out there right now who served in these programs but can't remember anything?
COREY GOODE: Well, yeah. There are many, many, many thousands of people. And many of them are programmed to be triggered by this topic. And some of the biggest skeptics are people that actually participated in this. And, yes, for the most part, the blank slating is very effective. And 3% to 5% of the people, the mind wipes or the blank slating does not work. And it's usually the people that are intuitive empaths that it doesn't work in, because they are not just relying on their memories on their hard drive in their brain. They also have a strong connection with their higher self-- sort of like a virtual hard drive-- with their light body and higher self. Like, you know the same way people have memories of a prior life? Well, in the birthing process in this chemical brain of ours, you can't possibly remember a life 1,000 years ago. But in your soul memory, you can.

So in these programs, they can erase these chemical memories and electromagnetic memories in your mind and play with them. But they can't affect the memories in your soul body or in your higher self. So in the 3% to 5% of people that have that connection, they have a very difficult time of affecting those people with screen memories and blank slating.

JAY WEIDNER: Michelle out of Oregon wants to know, "Is disclosure going to be a slow trickle, or is there going to be a sudden manifestation of disclosure?"

COREY GOODE: That highly depends on who wins the disclosure narrative. The Secret Earth government syndicates-- they are going for a partial disclosure situation, to where they let you know about certain technologies and let you know that ETs exist but keep a lot of other information away from you. And they want to slowly roll the information out and allow a lot of people that did bad things to die off as this information rolls out.

The alliance groups that are arguing against them are working right now to bring a full disclosure event, which would be a very sudden event. And it will be after a catalyst-type event, like a major world economic meltdown, where people are already woken up and upset, wanting more information. And then they're going to do massive data dumps of all these crimes against humanity-- just the full shabang. And it's going to be right in your face. And that's what they want to do.

JAY WEIDNER: Very interesting. So are there are other alien planets out there that have gone through this transition that we're going through right now?

COREY GOODE: I have no direct knowledge of it, but there are other star systems that are in front, so to speak, of our star cluster that is entering into this highly energetic area of the galaxy. And they've already passed through these high energetic clouds that are causing a lot of these energetic changes. So assuming that there are civilizations around these star systems, I would say the answer is yes.

JAY WEIDNER: Cool. Blake in Pennsylvania wants to know-- Yes, he understands the Blue Avian message of service to others and forgiveness and controlling your thoughts and all that. But is there anything that he can do or we can do to help manifest this change in a more fast manner?

COREY GOODE: Well, the main point-- he's mainly on point. We've got to do the inner work. Most of the people out there understand it. They understand what we're talking about. They're spending a lot of time meditating. They're getting on high vibratory diets. They're doing yoga, Tai Chi. They're trying to become more spiritual. And they're raising their vibration through these types of practice.

And when it comes to forgiveness, what I've said before is that just because you forgive yourself and all these other people, that doesn't mean that you have to sit back and continue to let them walk over you like a doormat. You can stand up for yourself and speak out.
But eventually what it's going to come down to is all of us not being fragmented as a spiritual esoteric community and coming together and developing our co-creative consciousness and creating a new reality together.
JAY WEIDNER: Yeah. And I think also people should watch GaiamTV. Because GaiamTV, that is our purpose-- is to raise the level of awareness everywhere. And--

COREY GOODE: Well, from what I've seen, Gaiam Television is basically an online university for spirituality. And if you look at the database of topics and information on Gaiam, just about from any perspective you have spiritually and anything that you want to learn spiritually, you're going to be able to find a thread of that on Gaiam. And, I mean, I think the analogy of it being like an online university is a good one.

JAY WEIDNER: So I want everybody to spread this video far and wide and also spread the word about GaiamTV far and wide. Because it's all about us unifying and creating a consciousness for this manifestation that's coming. It's up to you. It's up to us. It's up to all of us to do this. And we need to spread the word far and wide. And I can't say enough about that because that's the only way that we're going to effect the change that Corey's talking about. Thanks Corey. Appreciate your help.

COREY GOODE: Thank you. Yeah-- and I heard someone recently repeat what the Hopi said, that we are the change that we've been waiting for. We are the solution that we've been waiting for. We don't need to be looking for outside savior, ET groups, or gurus. We have the potential within ourselves. We just need to develop it. And I appreciate Gaiam giving me the opportunity to come forward with the information that I'm disclosing. And I think that post-disclosure, people are going to be coming back to this information for quite some time.

JAY WEIDNER: I completely agree with you. Hey Corey, thanks for spending some time with us.

COREY GOODE: Thank you. I appreciate it.

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